Is this doable & how? extract a link from a pop up menu

I spend more than half a day trying to "extract a link from a pop-up menu".. I re-read webscraper documentation multiple times but I can't figure it see video below about my requirement

below is the website link...

much appreciate if someone could post a quick screen recording explaining how to do it..

I used below free software to screen records (small app needs downloading)

run above link and click "start recording" button in the webpage .. this will open up a local app

App controlling short cuts
cntrl + Alt + F1 --> Start
cntrl + Alt + F2 --> Stop
cntrl + Alt + F3 --> Pause/un pause

recorded files are at
C:\Users<computer user>\Documents\Apowersoft\Apowersoft Online Screen Recorder

Thanks in advance.

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This site uses server-side redirects so it would be difficult to scrape with WS alone. I'm seeing at least two redirects for every link that needs to be clicked. But it is possible to get the final destination URLs by using other methods.