Is it possible to change an element on the page before scraping?

Here's the situation.

I have a page with a column that I can only scrape by changing the column's width and the size of each element inside of the column.

I can do this successfully with "Data Preview" after manually changing these elements in Chrome's inspector. I can also accomplish this via Selenium. But I want to do it automatically as part of a scrape with as it would greatly simplify my workflow.

Is there a way to do this without having to manually change the elements before the scrape starts?

If it is just a one-off or infrequent scrape, you can just use delays to give you enough time to manually make the change before scraping starts.

Either Page load delay, or an Element click on a non-functioning element (we're not interested in the click, we're just using the configurable delay).

Since you mentioned Selenium, you might also want to check out pywinauto.

Thanks for that. I ended up figuring it out a different way, but good knowledge for the future.