Instagram Follower Scrap - URGENT

Hi Web Scrappers!

Have been trying for hours to scrap a list of instagram followers for a buddy of mine that loves the xgames. Would anyone know how to best scrap instagram followers from a public account like xgames? Please help me with this one as my buddy is a crazy addrenaline junky xgamer! Thank you



There are 2.2MM followers. Not sure that can be done in-browser without crashing it.

In the spirit of X-Games - if it's not too much trouble @bretfeig, could you please provide a sitemap and I'll push the boundaries of my browser? :sunglasses:

I just did a scrape of over 2mil records just split it up into fourths per scrape. I did mine with 4 tabs and 500,000 ea simultaneously

I can't work out how to scroll down past a certain point on the followers box. I can open it just not open and scroll down.

Post your map please

@josh.vargo Hello please can you post the sitemap that you used to scrape instagram followers