Importing multiple StartURLs

I often add bulk of links from Excel, so it will be awesome if we have a feature to import multiple StartUrls at once, instead of manually clicking on "+" button or editing JSON in sitemaps.


You can import as much URLs as you want by using macro in any advanced text editor, like Notepad++.

You have to make a dummy file containing all needed selectors, so you can re-use it any time you have a new URL to add.

If you need any help with macro - let me know, as I do add new URLs on a daily basis.

Many thanks for your help. I've already had my own macro.

I'd just would like to make it easier for any users by creating a feature as I mentioned above.

Btw, thanks again for your support!

+1 for this! Would be great to be able to copy URLs from a spreadsheet column and paste in the Start URL field, in a way that each URL is inserted in its own field. Or if the field itself recognizes comma separated values as multiple URLs ..

@iconoclast I'm not familiar with the macro workaround. Could you describe how this could be done, considering I have a list of URLs to scrape?

edit: Just found this topic and was able to scrape multiple Start URLs using Pastelink! :+1:

First you need to create in Excel something like this "link1", "link2", "link3"... Than you need to export your sitemap (script) you already created with one link into text file, than just replace "link1" with "link1", "link2", "link3"... After that you need to import your new sitemap (script) from that text file