I need help in images

Dear Users.

I need some help. I want to get all the images from the website.
The first is fine. ( 1400x1080 pixel.)
But the other 2 photo is not. (75x50 pixel, minimized photo.)

How can I get all the 3 links, from the website?

Did you try making an image selector and then checking multiple?

@Fagylalt Hi, to extract all of the available images in this resolution, you can use the following 'Grouped' selector: div.karta-glowna-srodek div.swiper-slide > a.cboxElement, 'Attribute name' - href.


{"_id":"brw-sk","startUrl":["http://www.brw.sk/katalog-produktow/produkt/12561,komoda-nepo-plus-kom4s.html"],"selectors":[{"delay":0,"extractAttribute":"href","id":"images","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"div.karta-glowna-srodek div.swiper-slide > a.cboxElement ","type":"SelectorGroup"}]}