I do not know how to solve this

Hi there I'm just a beginner here and I'm having problems extracting contact numbers from links.

I've already figured out how to do pagination but I'm also trying to get all the contact number from each page during the scraping session

Url: https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-agent-directory/search?freetext=ERA+Realty

{"_id":"pagination","startUrl":["https://www.propertyguru.com.sg/property-agent-directory/search/[1-333]?freetext=ERA+Realty"],"selectors":[{"id":"Name","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":".agent-info-name a","multiple":true,"regex":"","delay":0},{"id":"Contact Link","type":"SelectorPopupLink","parentSelectors":["Contact Link"],"selector":"a.nav-link","multiple":true,"delay":0}]}

In the agents' page, the phone no is in the HTML and you do not even need to click Call. This text selector will grab it:
div.agent-info-contacts-license-block > div.agent-info-contacts > div.agent-phone-call > a > span > span.agent-details-phone-number.hide

Yeah I do know about this

But what I do not know is that how do I let Web Scrapper go into each agents tab to collect their contact number individually and come back out repetitively because right now my Web Scrapper cannot go into each agent contact number and getting out of there :sweat_smile: