I cant how to extract the text inside value

i cant figure out how get the data. what should i write inside regex

<input name="ctl00$ContentPlaceHolder1$txtEnroll" type="text" value="**i want to extract the characters stored here**" maxlength="12" id="ContentPlaceHolder1_txtEnroll" disabled="disabled" class="aspNetDisabled" style="width:145px;">


Please set up an Element Attribute selector.

Put input[id=ContentPlaceHolder1_txtEnroll] into selector field.
And then put value into Attribute selector field.

Please refer to W3Schools CSS attribute selector page.

Should do the trick.

hi @all
i have a similar problem with text to scrapp
i have this html

select id="12345_offerType" name="12345[offerType]" required="required" class="span5" option value="1" selected="selected" item1 /option option value="2" item2 /option. option value="3" item3</option. option value="4">item4s /option> option value="5">item5 /option><option value="6" item6<option value="7" item7</option option value="8">item8</option. item9</option /select

i'd like to scrap the selected value field, in my example i'd like to scrap "item1"

could you help me please ?


Hi @YoanG
i found the answer thanks to a tech friend
i used the text type in the selector and put as the value "option:selected" and it works !!!! :wink: