How to wait for element

I'm scraping a page, after loading successfully, some elements need more time to be shown, how can i add a wait command until element is available?
thank you very much.

@mickeyzo Hi. Did you already try to increase the request interval and page load delay values?

i tried it, but some element i want to check need time to show up around 5 seconds to 120 seconds, so it will take a lot of time if i let the wait time be 120 seconds.

do you have any other solution? wait for element.

Can you provide the website URL and current sitemap so i can take a look?

can't access website if you not have permission, sir :frowning:

i wish we had the command "wait until object/element appears"
it will save a lot of time, and the scraper runs more accurately
Loading in process (need about 5 seconds up to 120 seconds)

this process is done, result same with below image.