How to scroll with scroll bar within the site not regular scroll?

I am trying to scrape bets from a betting site but cannot scroll through the site because there is the regular scroll that's practically useless and another scroll within the site that does the actual scrolling.
I have tried modding my sitemap in different ways (went through all the tips from similar scrolling problems here) with the double ElementScrolls, changing and adding parametars to the sitemap and nothing seems to work.

Url: Mozzart :: Najbolje kvote na klađenje u Srbiji - Osvojite velike nagrade!


Hello did you find a solution ? I have the same issue

No, only new thing i tried is element click on the scroll but it does it like 2-3 times and then doesn't see new content and end the scraping.


Try adding a few of the element clicks - I have had similar problems with other sites and adding more than one of the element clicks or element scrolls (to run one after the other) helps. It's a pain - because some sites need me to add quite a few of these additional clicks/ scrolls.

Ok so there is no definite solution except brute force and combining some stuff. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help

Hi, aledjura! You were almost there, just had to find the correct elements for the scrollElementSelector key.

Here is a functioning sitemap with scroll:

{"_id":"scrol10","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"scroll","parentSelectors":["_root"],"type":"SelectorElementScroll","selector":"[class=\"betting-match-as-is\"]","multiple":true,"delay":2000,"scrollElementSelector":"[class=\"betting-main\"] [class=\"__panel\"]","elementLimit":500},{"id":"IME","parentSelectors":["scroll"],"type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.left-teams-part","multiple":false,"regex":""}]}

I found that the correct element has an 'overflow: hidden scroll' style setting (can be found in the HTML).

Thanks you very much for the help!