How to scrape these comments

Hi all,

I have some experience in webscraping. I have scraped a lot of fora and comments. But at the moment I have a website where it is not possible to scrape the comments of these articles.


Does anyone know how it is possible to scrape all the comments below an article? I tried everything with element click but the problem is I can't select those boxes. It will automatically select a different part of the website, which I do not need. So when I scrape those comments I want to have 1 comment = 1 element.

Hopefully someone can help me! Thnx :slight_smile:

@Wouter_Rikkink Hi, you probably can't do it because the highlighted comments are divided from regular comments and it appears that they are in iframe (new document/unique webpage)

Therefore you can just use the link which contains these comments.

Sitemap example:


Hope it helps! :smiley: