How to scrape source code with webscraper?

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I need to scrape the source code . i tried with this -> view-source: but can not scrape the page.. webscraper doesnt let me save the URL.

Any help?

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The scraper has access to the current "view-source" regardless, so do not need to add this part in the metadata. The only thing is that you will not be able to use the point-and-click interface for it and will have to build the scraper by creating the selectors manually and typing them out.

Ah ok thanks! :slight_smile: i tried few times but i dont see how to scrape it with webscraper and extract the "logging_page_id":"profilePage_6887304"

in this page : view-source:

. could you help me a bit :slight_smile:
Thanks a loooot :smiley:

This is an interesting one, I know what you're trying to extract - the Instagram User ID. You can get that info by using this link:[exact username]

So for your example it would be:

The results page is a plain text file, so there is only one selector, pre. Grab the text from that, and you can then pick out the user ID with a regex. This is assuming the first line contains the correct user ID. The regex I'm using is \b\d{6,10}\b , which picks out the first 6-10 digit number it finds. That's why you'll need the exact username. Sample sitemap:

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you're the best!! :slight_smile:Thanks a lot!