How to scrape from an element that pops up on click?

I have a website with exhibitors on a trade show, listed in rows of 3. When the logo is clicked, a row opens below the current row and the website of the clicked exhibitor is shown. I tried the Element selector and Element Click selector but I can't get it to work. The examples of these selectors assume the data is already visible, or assume some sort of pagination that loads the data. I can't think of another selector that would work.

Url: Exposanten - CorporatiePlein

you don't need any clicks.... web sites are in code... it's not too hard to explore...


I suppose you can use Excel to clean some left symbols by your own...? ))

Thanks, that works! I overlooked that possibility because I thought the data was only fetched when you click the logo (with AJAX or so).

Glad to help you..... I wish you to succeed while exploring WebScraper...