How to Scrape Data That Appears on scroll

I was trying the scrap the below link

which was load based on mouse scroll.

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Scraping scrolling pages is possible with Web Scraper.

You just need to use a selector like "Element Scrolls Down"

Thanks for your value able reply

Could you please provide me the example or sample for "Element Scrolls Down" ...?


look at the site of the conceptor of this extension: []

Learn / tutorial / you will find what you are looking for here.

Thanks again for your valuable reply..

yes, i went through the documentation and based on my understanding i used below sitemap.

but this sitemap giving me only 1 result. could you please have a close look and point me out what mistake i made.

{"_id":"snapdeal","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"items","type":"SelectorElementScroll","selector":"div.product-row","parentSelectors":["_root"],"multiple":true,"delay":"2000"},{"id":"product name","type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.col-xs-6:nth-of-type(1) div.tile-desc p.product-title","parentSelectors":["items"],"multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":0},{"id":"price","type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.col-xs-6:nth-of-type(1) div.product-price-row-adtech span.product-price","parentSelectors":["items"],"multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":0},{"id":"rating","type":"SelectorText","selector":"div.col-xs-6:nth-of-type(1) div.pdp-main-ratings div.grey-stars","parentSelectors":["items"],"multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":0}]}


I am afraid but I think that the coding of this site is too much complex to be scrapped with this extension.
I hope someone will try to help you.

You have to change your element scroll down selector that it selects each item not the whole wrapper of the listing. It looks like that it will require element click selector after element scroll down to scrape all items.