How to scrape content on this website


I am not able to extract the content of this website. I clicked on the content to register a selector. But I got some of the errors mentioned below

{"stack":"Error\n    at s.error (chrome-extension://jnhgnonknehpejjnehehllkliplmbmhn/content_script.js:490:83)\n    at Object.handleSelectionError (chrome-extension://jnhgnonknehpejjnehehllkliplmbmhn/content_script.js:4062:27)\n    at Object.<anonymous> (chrome-extension://jnhgnonknehpejjnehehllkliplmbmhn/content_script.js:3981:30)\n    at Generator.throw (<anonymous>)\n    at a (chrome-extension://jnhgnonknehpejjnehehllkliplmbmhn/content_script.js:3902:34)","timestamp":1604338680,"level_name":"ERROR"}


I am not a web developer and am trying to extract content from this website for a small machine learning task


Bumping this since I am experiencing a similar error. I do not have a perfect sitemap per se to set up my scrape, however, I did set the parent link as an already executed search.

Also, my site requires a login