How to insert a keyword in the search form?

Here IpaPortale
in the field CATEGORIA ENTE, I insert the text "Forze di Polizia ad Ordinamento Civile e militare per la Tutela dell'Ordine" but then it not create a new url that I can insert into the sitemap.. So I need that webscraper insert that keyword for me, otherwise how can I grab the 7365 search reults then?

You could set a longer Page load delay, say 9000 (9 sec) when you start the scrape, which should give you enough time to paste in the string and click the search button. You'd need to do all that before the first scraping starts in 9 sec.

Great idea thanks! But then ok I can do also 3 seconds but then the other hundreds poage reload will use the same delay of 3-9 seconds or is possible to set slower only the first page load?