How to handle umlauts and special characters

I'm trying to scrape a German e-commerce website and the resulting csv has weird characters instead of the umlauts e.g. name: Haglöfs in the sheet is name: Haglöfs.
How do we handle the UTF-8 issues?


I suggest that my topic related to raised topic.

One more examples- here the web link
I need to extract tabulated data.
Webscrapper can't handle table head coloumn "№".
What is interesting if I keep this coloumn on - I get message that "Invalid format"
if I tick this coloumn off and keep value empty - I got message "must not be empty"

Please help if possible to handle special character "№"


Hi miha, this is actually the result of another WS limitation and it is not a UTF-8 issue. You can't use a Result key (AKA Header name) which is shorter than 3 characters. I dunno why there is this limit. So if you change № to something longer like номер, it will work.