How to grab web address from a page in a hyper link

Hi, say there is a symbol for a redirect to the webaddress ona website you're scraping and you want that redirect webaddress

can you grab the webaddress that is embedded into that symbol to click..I just need the web address thx like from a hyperlink symbol or text

@soundheartmusic Hello, yes, that should be possible to be done using an 'Element attribute' selector.

Learn more: Web Scraper << How to >> Extract data from element attribute

Hey I tried doing it but I just get "link"

So for example I want to scrape the website shown, but in some cases it gets cut off on the website b/c its too long so it looks something like "" and grabs that as the website, but I need the full website so i can click it in the exported excel sheet

So since its a hyper link is there anyway I can scrape it so it gets me the link address that is hyperlinked?