How to get the link in booking button?


I m trying to gather the price information from RCL Cruise China website, and I found can not select the link in the booking button.


I want to get the link to a new page and gather the info on that page, but I can not open the link in scraper at all.

look like the link in the booking button is a javascript control url.

How can I set up the scraper for get the link to jump to the product page in the booking button?

Sorry for the Chinese website and the booking button is the yellow one in every itinerary block.

Thank you so much!

You do not need to click on it; just pick the button as the selector but use type: Element Attribute. For Attribute name, fill in data-url.

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Thanks for your help!

When I use your way, just scratch the Relative link..... and how can I use this link to jump next page I want scratch the data?

The site is doing a server-side redirect to another Url, so WS probably won't work after the click. Or at least I don't know how to make it work after clicking such links. Perhaps a more advanced user can help?

One workaround I can think of is to first scrape the Urls from the search page, as described above. Then create a sitemap for the booking page and use multiple starturls which you had scraped from the search page.

The scraped Urls will require some post-processing but the pattern looks predictable and you should be able to do a simple search n replace. You can click on a few booking links to see what the full Url is supposed to look like.

Thank you so much and I will try your suggestion!