How to expand list of links which aren't href, but "onclick" elements

I want to know how to scrape sites which have the following properties:

  1. Pages have a "Next Page" for pagination (loads a completely new page)
  2. Each page has a table of XX number of rows, where each row is a link to a new "profile" page
  3. Each row link is not an href, but rather an "onclick" element
  4. Each row link opens a new separate profile page, where I would like to scrape contents from.

The best example I can find is this:

@magellan314 Hi, it appears that the profile page can not be accessed by using the 'Element click' or 'Link' selectors. In order to scrape this data, you will have to conduct the scrape into 2 stages.

First - to extract each of the profiles ID's, second - use the extracted ID's as the start URLs for a new sitemap.

Multiple start URLs for a sitemap can be added via the UI of the extension - Web Scraper << How to >> Add multiple start URLs

Or in a custom approach - 2019 - UnTECH # 17 - Scraping Multiple URL's with - YouTube