How to associate multiple different types of scrape selectors with eachother in the results?

From multiple pages I want to extract the class names of multiple divs and a text that is associated to these divs.

Now when I create 2 selectors, one that scrapes the class name of the divs and another that scrapes the text, they will be listed seperately in the results and not associated to each other.

When I check the Multiple checkbox with the element selector I can only choose one type of whats to be scraped.

This is a fairly common issue and source of confusion. Basically you need to first create an element which has all the different data scrapers as the child selectors, i.e. a "container" which will group them together. So your scraper structure should look something like this:


Also mentioned in the FAQ:

Data doesn’t match up


Thank you for your response!

Now I'm stuck in the following situation: from within that element selector, listing_selector in your example, I need to extract the class names of the listing_selector div element itself and associate it with Text from within that div.
When I create a selector inside listing_selector Type Attribute and select the same div element that is listing_selector it does not extract any class name, but null instead.

There is no other container element that I could use instead.

I need to extract the owned or unowned class of the div.badge_card_set_card and associate it with the cards name which is Text within div.badge_card_set_card