How do I parse Pagination if the buttons are hidden on each page?

I watched all the Pagination videos and I've tried all 3 methods. But none of the methods address the problem where the pagination controls are hidden until you click on a button to reveal it.

Url: HouseSigma - Toronto Real Estate Sold Price and Home Valuation

For example in this page, I need to load each of the communities (the second dropdown menu) in order to load the content to be parsed. When I tried to use a click element selector, the problem is that it will go to the first "page" but then stop parsing because it can no longer see the pagination controls.

Hi @nomnomnom

I would not call that as "pagination". More like dropdown-variation.

Have you taken a look at this video?

My example:

{"_id":"housesigma-com","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"community-click","type":"SelectorElementClick","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"html","multiple":true,"delay":"1200","clickElementSelector":".el-select-dropdown__list:contains(\"All Communities\") li","clickType":"clickOnce","discardInitialElements":"discard-when-click-element-exists","clickElementUniquenessType":"uniqueCSSSelector"},{"id":"community","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["community-click"],"selector":".el-select-dropdown__list:contains(\"All Communities\") li.selected","multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":0}]}