Honest question: Is webscraper purposely broken to sell the service?

I want to like webscraper and I am using it to complete a POC at which time, if it works, I will need to purchase cloud scraping.

That said, Using it to complete this POC has been nightmareish. The fact that I cannot output JSON with the plugin is poor form and pretty anti-consumer to be frank. So instead I'm left to use the CSV format which in my opinion is poorly thought-out. I'm scraping a moderate size site where each product has a few thumbnails and after an overnight crawl I ended up with a 739,494 line CSV. It's absolute nonsense when a nested JSON structure would make much more sense.

Trying to import this into MySQL is a nightmare. It doesn't handle double quotes in fields well, and I have had to manually fix errors which is taking forever.

So while I get that you want to sell your service, I can't even get to a point where I can buy your service because the extension isn't useful enough to get there. And when you're as frustrated as I am, the last thing you want to do is spend money on the product causing you frustration.