Hire Web Scraper or Business Partner

I’m new to coding and I need someone to help me scrape website data for a product in my business.

If you consider your self fluent in web scrapping and feel you can scrape data from any website, let’s talk!

Ideally I am looking for someone to hire or partner with that is knowledgeable in coding, determined, and a problem solver.

If that is you, let me know below and let’s talk.

@novis2022 Hi, sent you a personal message.

Hi, you may need me, i created a lot of web scraping videos on my youtube channel using request, beautifulsoup, selenium, scrapy and puppeteer with languages of python, ruby and node. I scraped many of website one of them you can watch on this link Scrape 3.000 Product di Shopee, kurang dari 1 menit Ep. 1 - YouTube
If we are match, you can contact me at ikeepontrack@gmail.com.

Sent you a private message.