HELP WANTED: Can’t “find enable different type of elements selection” in chrome web scraper

Can someone please help me with this I am struggling for quite a while. I am using a chrome web scraper to scrape multiple elements from a website. I watched some tutorials and most of them are using a button called "enable different type of elements selection" which I don't have. Any idea how I can get it?

The first image is what I get and the second what I see in tutorials


Here's a more detailed version:

First of all, thank you very much. I am new to web scraper so my description may be a bit weird. I am trying to extract emails of all the embassies and representations around the world from this website: I do not need 3 columns in a CSV file showing the location of the embassy, which nation it represents and its corresponding emails, I just need one column where all the emails are listed so I can copy them and email all of them together. Now the homepage of the website shows the list of countries. Upon clicking on a countries name, you are redirected to where there are 2 columns, first one showing foreign representations in the selected country, while the second one showing the country's representations abroad. We will ignore the first column. The 2nd column shows the links of each embassy of that country abroad. Upon clicking them, it takes to that specific embassy's details including its email. This is what we are looking for. So I have to create a new site map, with the URL of the homepage. Under that, I have to create a selector named 'country' to select the country names as HTML under _root, followed by another selector named 'embassy' to select the embassy of that country as a Link under the selector 'country', followed by another selector to select email of that embassy. Now here's the problem, to have a selector under the selector 'country', I need to tick the box called "enable different type of elements selection" when creating the selector 'country', as demonstrated above. Since I cannot tick the box, when I try to pick a parent selector for the selector 'embassy', the selector 'country' is not shown as an option. Can you please kindly help me with this problem or extract the data for me? I would be immensely grateful. Wish you the best!