Help: scrape fields from individual pages

New here. I am trying to scrape data from a field within each item page of
Ideally the program would click each item, grab the field "Volts" and "Beam Spread" then go to the next product, next product, until there are no more products on this page, then click the next page button in the top right, repeat until there are no more products. There would be 1,080 products in this URL as you can see on the gray bar above the top left item. How would I do so. I'd be happy to screen share with someone who can help me set up the sitemap, etc.


Can anyone help me figure out how to properly scrape the pages I need? Much appreciated.

Bump. Have a similar question, would like to see an answer to lightbulb's.

@circlesix @lightbulb Hi. It seems that the best way to access the desired data would be by using the "Element click" selector and due to how slowly the pages are loading i would suggest increasing the page load delay value to at least 5000.

Here are the test results: