Group only references

Hello! I want to get the list in "grouped" mode of the references, but I can't do it because of how your html is.



I only get to group the name, but I only want the reference.
The only thing I get is that it is displayed like this:

Can be done? or is it not possible?



@ElTucu You will have to apply additional data post-processing as seen in the screenshots.

First - remove the redundant symbols - \t & \n & 'Grouped' selector formatting by using 'Replace text' parser & regular expression: (?<=references":")[^"]+.

Remove the whitespaces

Replace the code ending 0_blankspace_ with 0 |

Copy the data into a text editor. Press CTRL + A, CTRL + H and use the regular expression: [^|]*$ - Press 'Replace All'

Press CTRL + A, CTRL + SHIFT + L --> 'End' button on your keyboard and simply delete the remaining symbol for each of the lines.

Final Output: