Google Hotel Pricing Overview - Stop after specific Pageviews

Hey Everyone,
got a question for you.

I try to figure out, how i can scrapp from the following Google Page the Following Information:

  • Name of the Hotel (Top Left)
  • Arrival Date and Departure Date (Top Header over Table)
  • PAX (Number of selected Guest for this search, next to Date Header)
  • Name of the OTA
  • Preis of the OTA, fir this specific Date.
  • Information (Grouped in one Field, which is below the OTA (Online Travel Agency)

and now the Fun part. I got it to work, that i can do this for one specific date, but i want to have this for the next 60-90 days, for each day.

I fugured out, that when i use the Element Click, and just click the forward button from the arrival date, it will go forward everytime for one day, in arrival and departurer day. But it will not work for my.

Any ideas how to fix this and let it stop after 60-90 days instead of running as long as googe supplied Data?

Thanks in advanced.