Feature request - List of urls (copy and paste) as a starting point


Is there any chance to add to the Create Sitemap an option to add directly a list of urls to browse and scrape. The Import JSON sitemap option is too complicated unless there is a free online tool that anyone can suggest to convert automatically a list of urls to a JSON sitemap. The Create Sitemap from a url start is time consuming when you have a long list of urls to be converted into a page with links and published somewhere online to be able to be accessed. A simple third option to add a list of urls would greatly speed up the process for some projects. Thanks for any consideration you might give to this feature request.

While waiting for such an option I have just created an Excel tool that automatically generates a Sitemap JSON from a list of up to 500 urls (can be extended by changing the formula as long as it complies with the maximum number of 32,767 characters per cell in the generated cell).
To work you need to have at least Excel 2016 (when the TEXTJOIN formula was introduced) and download the file by clicking on File/Download. It will not work in Google Sheets directly probably because it does not support the Excel TEXTJOIN function or the TEXTJOIN function within the CONCAT function. If anyone is able to make it work in Google Sheets please let me know. Hope it helps.

Webscraper Sitemap JSON Generator from list of urls

@world33 Hi, Web Scraper Cloud handles up to 20'000 start URLs, and to import them in a bulk you can use the 'Bulk start URL import' feature.