Facebook: Scraping Names of Posts


Ive a problem: I want to analyse a facebook-group. In the first step, I want to scrape all the names of the people, who published a Post within the last 12 months. But obviously, the side-elements of the names are not the same; the webscraper cant scrape the text such easy as on other websites. So i checked the side-elements manually. Pls have al look to the screenshot. I need the text of the red frame. I thought about scraping it with a html-selector and a special command. But it did not work. I just dont know how to scrape it. It would be fine if someone could help <3 Thx!

I need to test it out but I would use element scroll down tied to selector ._1w_m
Set a high delay depending on how far back you need it go

In side the Scroll Selector

Name = ._7tae._14f3._14f5._5pbw
Date = abbr
Content = .userContent

This looks to get the original poster and not the responses that post gets.

Those type of selectors with random characters are likely to fail later, as the site can change the characters at any time. For the name in the red box try:

Type: Element attribute
Element: div[class^='clearfix'] div h5 span span a.profilelink
Attribute name: title

Ref: https://www.w3schools.com/cssref/css_selectors.asp

Thank you! Ill have a look und try it!