Facebook Pages / Places

Hi all,

I tried to scrape the data from facebook pages but I can't. I want to retrieve the name, address, email address, site and number of followers.

When I try to scrape the data from the index of the page it gets mixed up. For example, I have the page category rather than the email address. I think it is because some pages did not fill in this information.

I tried to use the click element to access the "about" sections but this doesn't work either.

If someone was successful and could share their Sitemap with me that would be really cool.

Thx a lot !

Start URL : https://www.facebook.com/search/places?q=bar&filters=eyJlbmFibGVfcGxhY2VfbG9jYXRpb25faWRzOjAiOiJ7XCJuYW1lXCI6XCJwbGFjZV9sb2NhdGlvblwiLFwiYXJnc1wiOlwiMTA5OTUwNjE5MDI3NzQzXCJ9In0%3D

{id:"sitemap code"}