Extract inside of attribut style with element attribut

selector field: div class="_2JMB9h _3XaILN" style="background-image: url("https://cf.shopee.co.id/file/585e8ce6c319922ae8efbeaeb93c7516"); background-size: contain; background-repeat: no-repeat;"></div

is it possible to get :"https://cf.shopee.co.id/file/585e8ce6c319922ae8efbeaeb93c7516" using element attribut from above selector field?

You can scrape the entire style attribute which includes everything starting from "background-image" until "no-repeat;". Element attribute currently does not support regex, so you can't just extract the Url alone. However, the pattern seems predictable so you can just post-process the csv by doing a search n replace to remove unwanted strings before and after the Urls.

Type: Element attribute
Selector: div[style*='background-image']
Attribute name : style

thank you.. that's exactly what i'v done

Hello. I've tried this method but I only get image that currently showed up on page (max image shown up on image carousell: 6).

For example, see this page: https://shopee.co.id/Ruixu-Gantungan-Serba-Guna-Adhesive-6-Pcs-Dwc13F-Silver-i.79650718.6715069116 . This page is having 7 image on total.

There's one more image if you click the right button on image carousell.

But, using div[style*='background-image'] selector with style attribute won't scrape that one last not-yet-showed-up-on-page image.

is there any other method to scrape that one last image? Thank you!