Exponential Growth

Can I make a multi-tread scraping, I mean when there's many links on a website stance for different categories like(graphic card, processor, etc...) on a hardware website. That gonna be insane if I could open each link in a different webscraping page and so on. if there's too much links that could divide my scrape time by thousand.

You should use a crawler able to scrap like Screaming Frog. Webscraper needs source URLs to work, it's not a navigation tool !! Screaming Frog has two advantages :

  1. Collect all URLs of the website (to organize and identify pages/group of pages that you're insterested in to create the sitemap for Webscraper)
  2. For non-multiple values scraps, it can completely make the work. For multiple values scraps, it can easily become a mess and here there is the strenght of Webscraper : complicated-structured pages scraps.