Error getting info through pagination

Describe the problem.
I'm trying to do scraping on this page to get some info from the photos, change the page and continue until the end. At the moment if I start the scrape I get some info just on the first page but in the following pages the program gets stuck. Can someone tell me why it stops and why on the second pages the image selector doesn't find any data?



Shutterstock page Urls do change with each new page, so you can use the Specify multiple urls with ranges method. No need to create your own paginator.

Yes these pages has urls but when you are logged in and you try to download images from another similar section of the website (the personal download folder) there are not url.
The only way to change pages, in that section, it is using the buttons at the top/bottom of the pages. That's why I was asking help. If you try the scraper I made it is able to recognize images on the first page, then it correctly change page but when it get to the second pages it stuck because it doesn't recognize image on the second pages.
The image-link selector in the second page doesn't recognize any picture.

Please can you tell me another solution ????