Enter text into search box from a list?

I would like to get the rent prices from each area in the UK from rightmove.

I have webscraper able to obtain lots of good data from one region if I manually type it in.

However what I would like is for the webscraper to be able to first search for each region in the UK by typing something into the search box, ideally from a list of all regions I have.

Is there a way to do this currently using the tool?


As far as I know, you cannot input text. Just select options.
I suggest that you find and use a listing page. something like that is below.

Also, you may use all pages as metadata. I donĀ“t have experience in assembling metadata from not numeric variables. So I leave it to others that have experience in that field to help if you see it as the best approach.

Thanks, I was able to do it by converting my list of regions into different search urls for each region. Then it imported them into the webscraper since there was like a thousand different urls. I started running it then got IP blocked pretty quickly.

This page you sent might work better tho, will test it out thanks!