Element select stops selecting within interactive table

Setting up a new scraper, within an interactive table. The 'element select' stops allowing me to select beyond the 10th row. The table loads more options as you scroll down, so I suppose this is connected. But I can't select more than 10 rows out of the required 200 rows that I want to select. Clicking or hovering over them isn't responsive.

Url: https://app.viberate.com/track/charts/?genres=metal

{"_id":"Metal-voberate","startUrl":["https://app.viberate.com/track/charts/?genres=metal"],"selectors":[{"id":"whole-element","parentSelectors":["_root"],"type":"SelectorElement","selector":".chart-wrapper-body div.chart-wrapper-inner","multiple":true}]}


Sorry, can't access the website without a login. In case the elements appear/disappear from the HTML as you scroll down, scraping will not be possible.

Thanks for the reply!