Element clicker should be able to deal with hover

some data appear only when you move your mouse on the specific item.
I need to scrape it.

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@1536695003 Hello, are you able to provide the targeted website along with the desired data?

website:AK-47 | The Empress (Minimal Wear) _ CS:GO Market - BUFF163
(to scrape this you may need to login)

I need to get every weapon's 武器名称(weapon name)磨损值(wearvalue)and 价格(price)
to get wearvalue ,you need to move your mouse to weapon's image。
there will pop a small winow,information is inside it.

i would appreciate it if you can solve this problem.

I am also having this issue.

Love this plugin, but I would like to pick up the type details from a chart on a parfumo.com details page (say for example the Type Chart found on page Imagination by Louis Vuitton » Reviews & Perfume Facts), and unfortunately, though visible, they are hidden from the code until they are hovered over by the user.

Scrolling and clicking do not reveal the html to scripts, at least not to webscraper, only hovering over the svg vector graphic object populates it. I verified this issue pretty thoroughly. You can even manually hover over in the browser window as webscraper scrapes, and then it will work, pulling out the desired data, but obviously that's not ideal or really workable.

I feel like there are sites with things like maps and position based graphics data that might really benefit from a hover option as well.