Dropdown menu, please help!


I've been using Web Scraper for a while. Today I have to scrape data and before that I need the procedure to click on a dropdown menu and select an item.

Could you please suggest me how to do that? My tries did not give any result so far.

Many thanks!

You might need to use a userscript or something that can edit the site after it loads.

Webscrapper cant click on those type of elements, sorry


You can set Request Interval up to 10000 ms (10 seconds) or more to be able to set your stuff prior to actual scrape.

would you have an example because I can not crawl on the drop-down menu in this kind of page for example:

it may be just impossible ??
thanks in advance


maybe you can use my example..

I wanna scrap data from this site.
This site has drop down menu to query the data.
I want this tool to have an ability to do click from drop down menu, after do selection from drop down menu, data will be refreshed.

Screenshot (298)

Ho to do this stuff ?
I had try using element clik and didn't work.

Thank you for helping.

Url: http://dapo.dikdasmen.kemdikbud.go.id/sp/3/351001