Download images to a local folder

Is it possible to download images to a local folder?

I can see how to select them, get a url but I was hoping to have them all sitting in a folder on my local machine.

Thanks in advance


This -

Just follow the instructions and you will be able to get the images locally.

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Thanks @webber,

When I drag a csv file from Web Scraper over the top of nothing happens

I already have Python on my Windows machine.

I also have Visual Studio Code & PieCharm installed on my machine

Disregard @webber,

Ive just determined that you need to use the full csv file that web scraper creates & not just extract the image column.

For me I just had to go to a command prompt change to directory of downloaded (and extracted) and type (which I got from Mac directions but worked on my windows machine)

python myfilenamefromwebscraper.csv

Worked a treat!!!