Deleted sitemaps keep coming back?

So every time i delete a sitemap on opera it comes back 10 minutes after

@somethingsomewhere Hello. Have you tried to replicate this on other browsers(Chrome, Mozilla FF & Edge) as well? Does this happen for all of your sitemaps or one particular sitemap?

seems to only be an issue on opera. And it happens to multiple sitemaps i delete, they come back after some time

I'm having the same issue on two different browsers. I deleted all my cookies and caches but still. it makes the app way less usable.

@cidreno Hello. Are you able to provide a recording(preferably, via Loom)? What's the time interval this tends to happen(deleted sitemaps come back immediately or after a certain period of time)? Are you using any additional extensions that might interfere with the Web Scraper extension?

I have the same issue. I have a hypothesis that it has to do with being synchronized across browsers on multiple machines. You delete them locally, and then Chrome suddenly says "something's gone, better re-sync it." and places everything back.

I'm not really sure this is what's happening. It's just a thought.