CSVpad, a specialized freeware CSV editor

I use this freeware CSV editor for most of my CSV-related work, including Web Scraper files and File Exchange files (eBay):


This is a pure CSV editor and it does not have the 32K field limit like Excel, nor does it convert long numbers to scientific format or remove leading zeroes (e.g. 00001211 gets truncated to 1211).

However, it does have some annoying limitations:

  • Does not support drag n drop launch (dropping a .csv file onto the program does not launch it)
  • Does not support file ext association (can’t make it auto-launch by double-clicking on .csv file)
  • Does not support latest Excel file (it only opens .csv and old .xls files)

Anyway, it is quite fast, and it is free. It also offers some basic editing of CSV files, such as add/remove columns and rows, sort data by column, reorder columns and rows, etc.


Nice tool, thanks for sharing :ok_hand: