Css :not() on selector

What is the best way to exclude the elements with class=s_hide-in-desktop from scraping?
Have tried :not(.s_hide-in-desktop) in selectors on table and in element types but it does not work.

<tr >
<td id="header-nummer" class="">
	<span class="s_hide-in-desktop">text:</span>

Any Ideas ?

Assuming you want to retain only the number, :Not won't work for this purpose because of the Html structure. But you can just scrape the whole <td> and filter out unwanted bits with regex, e.g.

Type: Text
Selector: tr td#header-nummer
Regex: (?<=text:).+

Or if the <span> text varies, try:
Regex: (?<=[a-zA-Z]+:).+