Click on Pop-Up Link/Mouse Hover

I am trying to click a link that appears on when you hover over a selector. I have tried different variations but i cant seem to get the data. I want to do the following:
1 - Define the list of multiple team sites to be clicked on
2 - Hover over 'Squad' which will bring up a list of other links
3 - Click on the 'Staff' link that will open a new page to scrape the 'Manager Name' text*

*I am aware the manager name text is on the original Team site but there is information that can only be gained by clicking on a specific site. I'm just using this as an example.

Url: Premier League 23/24 | Transfermarkt

{"_id":"test-teamdata-transfermarkt-TEST","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"TeamList","linkType":"linkFromHref","multiple":true,"parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"#yw1 .hauptlink a[title]","type":"SelectorLink"},{"id":"Name","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["TeamList"],"regex":"","selector":"h1 span","type":"SelectorText"},{"id":"SquadSelect","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["TeamList"],"selector":"#squad a.megamenu_drop","type":"SelectorLink"},{"id":"SquadStaff","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["SquadSelect"],"selector":"div.col_3:nth-of-type(4) a","type":"SelectorLink"},{"id":"ManagerName","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["SquadStaff"],"regex":"","selector":" tr:nth-of-type(1) tr:contains('') td.hauptlink","type":"SelectorText"}]}