Click on a Link that can lead to 3 different possibilities?

I'm new to Web Scraper.
I payed money on Patreon, now I have access to download stuff from different posts.
I know Web Scrapper can't download files, but at least I can save the links to download with another program.
The website has several posts like a blog.
I can click on each post and read the article.
Each article has links.

Until now the structure is the same. Here's where my question starts

There are 3 or 4 kind of download links in there:
-Direct links to a file in the author's personal website.
-Direct links into Patreon with an encoded last part of the url (ex:
-Links to a store ( where you have to click "Allow" button to link to Patreon and
then you're sent to a download page where you have to click "Download" to be sent
to a pop-up.
-Same links, but without the "Allow" button step.

Can Web Scraper check for the possibilities like and if-else statement?

You can just build scrapers for each different type of page, all on the same level:

WS will try to run them from top to bottom. If it can't find a site it will just return Null in the results, and continue with the next site. This acts like a kind of if-else statement.