Click button to show phone number

Hi everyone,
Can you please help me with the following issue
I'm trying to pick up the phone number behind the button in orange "Appeler"

Here is the url

But when I select the "Element click" the S button is in grey and I guess it's the one I should use ?

Thanks for your help !

The phone number is always visible in the HMTL as following

<button class="i-btn i-btn--primary mobile-hide" data-agent="42275" data-gtm="click_to_call_see_42275" data-gtm-trigger="u-clicked" **data-phone="0783013002"** id="adphone" type="button"><span class="flex items-center justify-center mr-sm"><svg><use xlink:href="/assets/svg/sprites.svg#adphone"></use> </svg> </span> <span class="button_anchor">Appeler</span></button>

If you just want to collect all the number, you can use the following code:


same situation here but with a "button button-block". in this url: Metal 2000 : Dépannage rideau métallique à Paris - Menuisier, à Paris 5 (75005), 75005 - Avis, adresse, téléphone - Alentoor

How can i scrap this ?

you should use Element Click with pause 2 seconds in this case and scrape your phone number...

Thanks for your response but after the click button the number show off ans i can't selection i stil have a.button-block.

that's because you don't like to review this forum to find a solution....
here is your test sitemap

{"_id":"alentoor-fr","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"clickActionType":"real","clickElementSelector":".contacts div a:contains(\"Appeler\")","clickElementUniquenessType":"uniqueText","clickType":"clickOnce","delay":1000,"discardInitialElements":"discard-when-click-element-exists","id":"click","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"body","type":"SelectorElementClick"},{"id":"phone","multiple":false,"parentSelectors":["_root"],"regex":"","selector":"a.button-block[href*=\"tel:\"]","type":"SelectorText"}]}

You are a god walking in earth, my friends
Thank you soooooooo much

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