Capturing emails as element attributes or not?

Newbie here, trying to capture emails from a website with multiple profile details where it is sitting in a div block

that has a varied length due to some profiles having addresses and others not. See image.


I thought it could be scraped with an 'element attribute' but cannot seem to get it to work because email has not been given a class attribute name. Nothing in help docs working for me so far Element attribute selector | Web Scraper Documentation

I apologize in advance, am struggling to even frame the request correctly - I am unsure if I have outlined the problem as per above correctly.

you can scrape emails easy:
div.user-description-box p:contains("@")

Which selector would you choose to type in this code and in which box would it go?

you can use TEXT type
write into SELECTOR section that code I gave you.

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Thank you @don2010 I really appreciate that :pray: