Can't scrape all links from this page

Hi all,

Hope you are doing well.

I'm trying to scrape the links of all the games from this website : Paris sportifs | Winamax paris sportifs | Paris en ligne - Winamax

I tried using "SelectorElementScroll" and "SelectorLink". But somehow I only manage to get 24/25/26 or 27 links, but not all of them.

Do you have an idea of how could I fix this?

Here is my sitemap:

Thanks in advance for your help!

@LilHenri Hello, it appears that the elements are re-rendered each time a scroll function is performed which is based on 'ReactVirtualized__Grid__innerScrollContainer'.

In summary, 'ReactVirtualized__Grid__innerScrollContainer' is a specific component within React Virtualized that handles scrolling functionality within the Grid component, however, in this case, it serves an anti-scraping mechanism as it is not possible to load all of the available elements within the page HTML, therefore the only viable solution that would allow you to load more elements will require zooming the page out as far as you can.