Bulk sitemap backup

Very good extension. But I need to tell that I have lost many sitemaps after a dirty browser shutdown.
I cannot find a function to export many sitemaps at once. Only export one by one which is time consuming.
So please add a function to backup all sitemaps and import them to prevent future loss.


i second this, please consider to implement it, thank you.

Option to backup all sitemaps, export & import multiple templates.
Or use plain files in a dir.

We will soon release a new version that will be able to sync sitemaps with Web Scraper Cloud. You don't need a paid subscription to use this feature. Later we plan to expand this into a sitemap sharing feature.

Try dev version with this feature here:


we will test the new functionality,
what I would like is to lighten chrome,
when I hit F12 WS it takes time to load, I think for the amount of sitemaps.

An option would be something similar to manage favorites where you can organize it.

@martins - You know someone is going to ask this:

I have my (since discontinued) couchdb backup files that I can no longer use since Webscraper EOL that feature. Is there anyway (or plans) to connect that to the cloud so I can upload all my maps and data from years passed?

CouchDB feature is hidden but not yet removed. You can enable it and then backup your sitemaps to cloud. API is also an option.