Hi it's my first message! Forgive me for my English but I use google translator!

I immediately get to my problem ...

I would like to extract the opening fees from this site in order to perform my statistics on a personal level!
The problem is that I can't do it, I always get null!
With the other odds no problem, with those of opening I have problems! I am attaching the sitemap and the page popup!

Ps I searched the forum for similar trades but found nothing!

Guys where am I wrong?



{"_id":"betesplorer","startUrl":["",""],"selectors":[{"id":"open","type":"SelectorTable","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"#aodds-inner table","multiple":false,"columns":[{"header":"08.10. 15:10","name":"data","extract":true},{"header":"2.32","name":"open","extract":true}],"delay":0,"tableDataRowSelector":"#aodds-tbody tr","tableHeaderRowSelector":"tr:nth-of-type(17)"}]}

Forgive me I know you have no time, but I hope some expert can help me, thanks!