Basic first tree problem

I'm not having much success building a directory tree. The starting page is basically a list of about 350 links ( Each of those linked pages is also a page of many links (e.g. At the third level the pages have text that I want to be able to search for simple words and phrases (e.g Even if I could just get all the text at the bottom level and put it in one document that would be good. At this point I can't even get the tree built.

I name the sitemap "results", enter the starting page URL, and click. _root appears. I then click "Add new selector". I choose id=showlinks; type=link; check multiple; click select; click on one of the links on the page. I continue clicking links until I get a message -

Different type element selection is disabled. If the element you clicked should also be included then enable this and click on the element again. Usually this is not needed.

I enable the indicated check box and continue clicking on links until all have been highlighted. I click Done selecting. Clicking Element preview toggles highlighting of all the links on the starting page. Data preview gives a list of all the links. The Parent Selectors box now shows:


What do I do next?


{id:"sitemap code"}

Try this out. You can get a bit more granular with the results on each of the third level page. I have just used a text selector to select all the text on the page.

{"_id":"a_onofrio","startUrl":[""],"selectors":[{"id":"Area Hound Association","type":"SelectorLink","parentSelectors":["_root"],"selector":"blockquote > a, p a","multiple":true,"delay":0},{"id":"Breeds","type":"SelectorLink","parentSelectors":["Area Hound Association"],"selector":"table:nth-of-type(n+2) a","multiple":true,"delay":0},{"id":"Results","type":"SelectorText","parentSelectors":["Breeds"],"selector":"ul","multiple":false,"regex":"","delay":0}]}

Thank you. I was able to import this and run it although I only say one line of output. Is there a guide to this code somewhere - keywords, variables, syntax? I don't recognize it as any language I used before. Is it unique to this browser extension?

EDIT: I see now that this is JSON. The "selector":"blockquote > a, p a" part is confusing Some trial and error will probably figure it out.