Auto populating vs. copy + paste element

I'm trying to scrape a page with an infinite scroll. The selectors are set up: root --> scroll --> select link --> select text

It's a very basic scrape, but I am fiddling around with making sure all the links are selected after the scroll. I know I've made this work before, so I'm not worried.

However, in order to select the scroll I am copy and pasting it from the Elements tab of the inspector, as I can't automatically select it. But where I would usually use the automatic selector to edit the link and text selectors, after I copy and paste the scroll element I can't get the autopopulating selector back to select the link and text.

Any ideas? I feel like I must be missing some option to turn the auto selector on and off but I can't see it. Sometimes I've got around this problem by closing the browser and opening it again but that's not working at the moment. I have to do the scroll first, because if I create the link selector first it doesn't create enough lines of data (only the first 20).



Perhaps reinstall extension or upgrade to latest version.